Vibration Monitoring, Temperature Monitoring & Bearing Monitoring

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Wireless Condition Monitoring

Uses latest MEMS sensing elements for reliable long‐term measurement. MEMS technology is amongst some of the most innovative technology in the world and is an integral part of our condition monitoring units. MEMS Sensors ensure that all measurements are reliable and accurate, which means you never have to second guess your data or your measurements.

Stainless steel base with sealed body, wide temperature range.

In‐built power saving algorithms maximise battery life

Uses IOT technology to drive down price

Virtually limitless expansion  capability on standard wifi networks

Fits onto standard accelerometer mounting.

WiVib Q Family

The  WiVib Q series from Icon Research is a  family of miniature machine monitoring devices that measure a range of vibration and temperature parameters on rotating and reciprocating plant. Condition monitoring solutions should never be an afterthought, and with this unique range of revolutionary products, you can rest assured that your machines and production workflows are running as they should.

Simple temperature measurement through to high resolution spectrum and bearing condition measurement is available.    Vibration measurements can take the form of overall vibration, high-resolution vibration spectra and bearing condition.   All devices are housed in the same rugged enclosure and have the same wireless characteristics. The range comprises:

WiVib‐10: Temperature only

WiVib‐21: Overall Vibration and Temperature

WiVib‐31: High-Resolution Spectrum, Bearing Condition, Overalls and Temperature

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Wireless Condition Monitoring – The Wireless Revolution

Devices that use wireless technology are all around us in the modern world. This technology heralds a new era of providing us with knowledge about our surroundings, and the convenience of managing it. Wireless condition monitoring is only the next logical step in a large range of innovative new products that are changing our world and the way we do business.

Small battery‐powered devices that can be fixed to your machinery in minutes and can provide regular checks for years with no intervention or having to walk around the plant are now finding their way into the mainstream of what we call machine condition monitoring.

The WiVib Q series from Icon Research are such devices. Contact us today for more information about our wireless condition monitoring devices and what we can do to help you optimise your workflow.



The WiVib Q measuring devices use the latest
MEMS sensors as
the transducer.



The WiVib Q series wireless
sensors reside
on a standard wifi network.



WiVib sensors need to be configured to communicate on the desired network.



The WiVib Qseries can operate
in three different modes, namely
Continuous, Wakeup and Surveillance.

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Application WiVib Q

WiVib Scope

Turns your WiVib Q into a fully featured spectrum analyser. WiVibScope enables both time and spectrum graphs to be  displayed  from  any  selected  channel  of  a  WiVib.

WiVibTrend Lite

Easy plant monitoring and analysis. It provides the core functionality of online monitoring systems with features such as trending, alert alarm indication & full analysis capability.

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